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There are several ways to market your products or services to your target market. You can also seek consultation to professionals like at Wichita, Kansas City whose experiences had helped many business marketers become successful in their journey.

Marketing on the internet has come a long way since 10 years ago with cyberspace expanding by the day and creating lucrative careers in the process. It is now at the core of every successful business from large multi-billion empires to small budding enterprises and the lack of some form of digital advertising in the present day and age is unthinkable and a surefire recipe for failure. That said, today we turn back the hands of time as we take a walk down a decade-long memory lane to uncover how internet marketing has changed along the way.

1) Social media marketing has exploded
Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms were once primarily a social haven to pass the time by the turn of the first decade of the current millennium but these days social media has blossomed into a bulging cash cow for companies to explore. Consequently, having a social media presence has not only become a matter of convenience rather than an issue of necessity.

With a growing increase in the number of social media avenues and the revolution of how pastime websites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are used, social media marketing has formed a crucial pillar of internet advertising. It now entails computerized scenes as well as direct promotions through paid advertisements. Customer engagement through responsive one-on-one messaging and regular posting have also become paramount.

2) Search Engine Optimization has become a big deal for internet marketers
SEO has gained even more relevance in 2019 with internet watchdogs tightening policies and algorithms that govern just how websites are indexed or ranked. By the late 2000s creating SEO-friendly content was guaranteed to give you an edge over the competition but 10 years on it offers no surety of a place in the leading pack rather it ensures you aren’t left too far behind. According to connection spamming, keyword stuffing among other black hat SEO tactics would often prevail back then but these underhand SEO practices will quickly doom you to the very last pages of the interwebs at the moment.

3) Digital PR is now of utmost importance
Digital PR was unheard of a while ago but with the advancement of modern technology and computerization of communication media, PR has moved from TV, radio and other related media to the vast reaches of the internet. The growing importance of digital PR has thrust it into a decision-making berth that decides the best course of action from raw inputs of data regarding the latest in SEO trends among other relevant information.

4) Agile marketing has taken center stage
Agile marketing encompasses a collective effort by companies to channel their efforts toward a singular project for better results and a constantly changing approach to how marketing campaigns are executed. These campaigns have moved away from “waterproof” methods involving a singular expansive development path which is now broken up into short iterations gauging success levels along the way. Real-time client feedback has consequently become of the essence and is now the yardstick of success of such campaigns.

5) Content marketing is no longer a bonus package; it is THE package
Businesses of yesteryears were not keen on beating about the bush and they put out what they wanted to sell or promote head on. Nowadays that approach is not as effective as it once was and creating content around your niche has gained importance. Getting by without content is akin to going fishing without a fishing rod. And not just creating content for the sake of it but regularly creating quality content that toes various SEO guidelines. Excellent content is now a vital ranking attribute and helps build trust whilst increasing conversion rates considerably.

6) Mobile-friendliness is becoming a thing
Internet marketing of the past decade was primarily executed with the PC user in mind but with convince of handle held devices now taking precedence, the mobile-friendliness of websites is taking priority as various internet search engines are tuning their algorithms to sniff out unfavorable pages in this regard. Moreover, mobile devices have provided new avenues of marketing via popular everyday applications such as WhatsApp and through most-sought after online games such as Fortnite, for instance.

Internet marketing has changed a great deal in the last 10 years but one thing has remained constant throughout: a constantly increasing importance to all businesses across the board.